jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Recuerdos de cine 4: Adela López

Recuerdos de cine de la infancia

Adela López

 The first memory I can recall comes from when I was 6 or 7. At Easter time, they usually showed films on salvation or peplum (Romans and Christianity). As there were only two channels on the Spanish TV, my parents used to watch movies at that time. The film was "Marcelino, pan y vino" and It was a simple story that touched my heart from the beginning: a small orphan, Marcelino,who was raised up by some monks, became a good friend of a man whose name was Manuel. The man was hanging from a cross. He was Christ and Marcelino established a special bond to him: they had long conversations, Marcelino brought him some food... The end of the story was very moving to me... I have never been able to see that movie again. I would need a child's eyes to watch it the same way I did at that time.
Adela López. Feb 13, 2014

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