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California (United States)

Ted Falagan
Writer, Producer, Director, Actor With Fault Line Players & Fault Line Productions
San Diego (United States)

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 My name is Ted Falagan.  I am a theatre & independent film producer working in Southern California.  I've worked both as an actor & a producer/writer/director for the troupe The Fault Line Players (and for many others.) For over 15yrs., I've produced original stage works across California, and, for the past 11yrs., have produced short films & web-series seen online, in global festivals & contests, and on T.V. (most notably on our YouTube channel, The Fault Line Players' Channel.)

 I've always operated under one, simple philosophy as far as working in the Arts was concerned - to be the best storyteller I could possibly be.  Period.  Regardless of the medium, budget, or technology involved (if any); just to simply tell my story to the best of my abilities.  I've always believed that that was all that mattered.  Still do.

 I was asked to give my thoughts about working as a filmmaker (or 'storyteller') in California.  I can tell you that there are a lot of tremendously talented & motivated people here.  However, because of the influence of 'Hollywood' (which I feel is a very corrupting one), it is very hard to find consistent, dedicated people willing to give up their time & energy freely to Art.  Sure, all actors do it, work for free in low budget projects (stage or film), but it's never without an 'agenda.'

 And, truthfully, we all have agendas (I surely do), it's a fact of life, but I've found that the allure, the 'pull' of being a so-called 'star' in Hollywood, to be followed by Paparazzi or have your photo on the cover of a magazine; to be making more money than should be allowed, corrupts too many actors to the point where they're willing to betray their principals - and others - for the sake of becoming part of 'Hollywood.'  All actors?  Certainly not, but enough do to where it has become increasingly disheartening for me as a producer.

 These type of actors will commit to projects where a lot of others' time, energy and, yes, finances, are invested, then blow off those commitments to take on another project simply because they feel that said project is a better 'stepping stone' or is somehow more 'important' because it simply has a bigger budget or a 'higher profile' (in their opinion.)  And they actually believe that leaving all of their fellow actors & crew members in the lurch is absolutely acceptable because of these factors, that it makes their move 'all right.'

 There is a difference in being a driven, committed actor and being one who's willing to step on others just to move up the ladder.  I guess what exactly that difference is, and whether it's acceptable, is up for debate.  I feel, as a producer/actor/director currently working in California that it's unacceptable to think & act this way.  It is hard, but I would rather work with an actor who is willing to give their all to a project, regardless of it's profile, than one who's just there to add a line on their resume.

At least that's my opinion.

The Fault Line Players

California (United States)

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